How to add GST billing in woocommerce plugin


How to add GST billing in woocommerce plugin

GST mean GOODS & SERVICE TAX came into force on 1st july 2017. It promoted as ONE NATION ONE TAX in India. So its important for all sellers (Online or offline) and shopkeepers to generate GST invoice for all purchase. One of our reader asked us “How to add the GST taxes in woo-commerce” since he is using wordpress to sell his product online.

In woo-commerce adding GST tax is just like adding normal tax slabs but only difference is TAX RATES. In simple words, different products have different slabs for GST, like some has 18% GST slab while other has 12%. It totally depends what you selling or providing services.

So lets make it quick for you to how to add GST Tax Slab in Woocommerce. Follow step by step guide to add GST tax slab in woocommerce :

Login into your wordpress dashboard.

  • Click on woocommerce option then go to settings and click on TAX tab at top.
  • Under TAX tab, put a check mark on Enable Tax and Tax calculations.
  • Select any option from “Price entered with Tax” option as per your choice.
  • Select option from “Calculate Tax based on” as per your choice.
  • Select Shipping Tax class as Standard
  • Other Option below this you can select as per your requirement.
Follow steps by number
  • Now on same page , click on standard rates at top
  • In standard tax option click on Import CSV button to import the Tax rates based on different states. Download the CSV from here.
  • After downloading the CSV file, import it from the option.

Please note :
Our CSV contains all the state codes and the rates considering Uttar Pradesh as the shop location for Ayurvedic products which comes under 12% GST slab. It contains both CGST+SGST and IGST columns as per state.

Like If your shop is in Uttar Pradesh then bills generate for customers in Uttar Pradesh includes (CGST + SGST) and for customers outside Uttar Pradesh will have IGST as TAX.

To define this concept we set the priority numbers for all states. (Do not change it) so that tax can be applied correctly. Also make sure all compound and shipping column is unchecked. In image below we defined different numbers as priority for different states and union territory (All UT has SGST+CGST). Also please modify it according to your tax slab like 18% or 28% etc.

Change the tax slab as per your need.

So that all you need to do for displaying GST tax at your online shop. When any customer will do checkout on website, GST tax will be automatically displayed as per your settings like inclusive or exclusive and GST will be calculated as per billing address or shipping address (One you selected in settings). To know more about the GST tax slabs, contact your CA or you can visit . Hope you find the easiest way to add the GST in your online shop. For any other queries or suggestion please comment below.

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  • Anurag Pandey Reply

    How to aad the different tax slabs according to product? Please help

    May 18, 2019 at 7:47 am

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