Customer Resource Management(CRM)

Enjoy our Hassle-free CRM software

Scriptfeeds offers a complete CRM software for your business. We develop web based CRM software that helps you craft invoices, automatically send payment reminders, get paid faster online and much more.

Expenses and customer management at one dashboard.
CRM-software-for business
Complete & Quick invoicing

Our CRM offers quick and easy way to manage all your invoices. It will keep track of all expenses and sales, doesn't matter if you sell your product online or offline.

Online payments & gateways

Scriptfeeds CRM helps you to manage all the Payment via CRM. Accepts payments online or pay online via major payment gateways. We integrated most popular payment gateways.

Time tracking for Projects.

Scriptfeeds CRM help business in tracking timesheets, online orders, all ongoing Projects and contracts. Admin can calculate progress of project via task assigned to team members/staffs.

Expenses & Sale management.

Our CRM help you to manage business expenses and sale monthly, quarterly or annually. Admin can see interactive charts and graphs for expenses vs sales. Expenses and sales can be managed in categories.

Insightful reports & Reminders

CRM can help you to get the interactive insightful reports of the business. Admin can easily set reminders for coming events or business deals or meetings.

Support Ticket Management

CRM can help you in providing support services to your clients. Client can easily login in CRM and raise ticket regarding support. Admin can manage all ticket and resolutions.